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Gear Design and Analysis Made Easy

PowerGear gear calculation software


Gear Technology:

  • Software to help you calculate the power capacity of a gear mesh. PowerGear is a "superset" of AGMA Standard 2001 "Fundamental Rating Factors and Calculation Methods for Involute Spur and Helical Gear Teeth" that addresses all factors in the Standard with extended analysis capability to include both internal and external gears, EHD Film Thickness, tooth mesh kinematics, and more features beyond the basic gear rating formulas provided in the AGMA Standard.
  • Gear Technology by Ray Drago of Drive Systems Technology, Inc.
  • PowerGear's capabilities.
  • Computer Technology by Remco deJong.
  •  Student Version accompanies PC Applications in Parallel Axis Gear Design Seminar presented by Ray Drago in Milwaukee (follow mechanical engineering link)

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More Information:

  • Screen Shots Check out the input and output screens of the software.
  • Versions The version and release history of PowerGear and DrawGear

System Requirements:

  • Installs onto most installations of the Windows OS, from W95 through W7-64, please contact us if you have problems
  • 15 Mbytes disk space
  • SVGA or higher resolution monitor

Gallery of gear images

DrawGear Notes

Gear drawings and help files.   PowerGear includes a stand-alone ActiveX component called "DrawGear". DrawGear renders accurate internal or external involute gearing with trochoidal roots or using full root radius. The complement of the tool, whether using a shaper or a hob yields a trochoidal tooth root that can be drawn and animated for greater understanding. The drawings can be output to DXF files or accurately printed. The size of the polyline can be altered for speed or for precision. This ActiveX component can be fed data by other programs, like MS Excel. To learn more about this capability contact Remco deJong. The help file for DrawGear only works in stand-alone mode, therefore, first run DrawGear by itself or launch the helpfile (DrawGear.chm) and find the zoom, pan and rotate functions so you'll be able to use those when calling the drawings from PowerGear. DrawGear, of PowerGear includes:

VB sample code for using DrawGear
  • Gear mesh visualization

  • DXF (element only) output

  • WYSIWYG Mesh printing

  • Customizable poly-line step size.

  • Line of Action

  • Moving Hertzian stress factor